Every restaurant seems to have their “hidden gem” and I have found one in Ed n Joes.

It’s the fish! Who would have thought that a “neighborhood” restaurant, better known for their pizza, would have such wonderful fresh fish…. that is cooked perfectly, with the best rice and vegetables! It is such a treat…so much so, so I have a tendency to call the day before or the day that I plan to come in and ask what the fish special is! I still love your pizza…. but I’m a follower of your fabulous chef and his outstanding fish dishes! Lindy Strodel 🙂

Having lived in the Chicago area my entire life, I have eaten a lot of great pizza. But Ed and Joe’s is the best I’ve ever tasted. The crust is thin and crisp, the sauce just right, toppings delicious, and it is served piping hot right out of the oven. The atmosphere is family friendly, the service is great, and the live music is an added plus. Linda Marshall

Ed & Joe’s offers perfectly prepared thin crust pizza topped with a favorable sauce that is not overly sweet like some pizzeria sauces. The cheese is generously sprinkled and melted to perfectly blanket the crust. Top it with one of their many delicious meat and fresh vegetable choices. Then sit back and enjoy this with your favorite ice cold beverage, served by friendly staff in their very comfortable family friendly dining room, or enjoy it in their social bar area, especially on entertainment evenings. Not in the mood for pizza? Ed & Joe’s offers equally delicious appetizers, sandwiches and entrees at reasonable prices… Rick Slinas.