Seasonal Drinks

Seasonal Drinks

Winter Cocktails

Cranberry Mule • Pucker up for a seasonal treat with vodka & cranberry juice, a splash of lime, ginger beer & fresh cranberries

Ginger Snap • Just like the cookie a delicious blend of dark rum, cinnamon schnapps & ginger beer

Candy Cane • A Sweet treat with Rum, vanilla vodka, Godiva white chocolate , peppermint schnapps & soda

Jack Frost • Warm up with Jack Daniel’s, cream de menthe, half & half with a sprinkle of powdered sugar

Santa’s Sleigh • Twas a good night with brandy, amaretto, eggnog & cream de menthe

E & J Christmas Cidre • A twinkle of apple liquor and lemon juice, Stella Hard cider & Grenadine