Ed n Joe’s Magnificent Martini’s

The scarlet blush of Pomegranate juice. The purity of Absolute Citron and the lively zest of Cointreau This one is all about quality.

Skyy Vodka, Cointreau and cranberry wrapped around a
drop of Rose’s Lime Juice. Served with a lemon twist.

Fruit Punch
This one is guaranteed to make you laugh and feel like a kid
again ~ Absolute Vodka finding happiness with Barcardi O,
Barcardi Razz and Grenadine ~ It works!

Romance in a glass Citron, Chambord,
Pineapple ~ Be Careful Love Beckons

Chocolate Escape
A creamy blend of Godiva chocolate liqueur and vanilla
Vodka creates a haven for chocolate lovers

Sour Apple
The freshness of this martini will leave you wanting more
with the cool green blend of Apple Pucker and Absolute.
Shaken until icy cold.

This delicious cake in a glass ~ Malibu, Vanilla Vodka,
Banana & Pineapple with a splash of Grenadine.

A Childhood flavor in a cool adult drink ~ Vanilla vodka,
Capitan Morgans, triple sec OJ & cream

A luscious liquid version ~ Rumchata, Kalula, Vanilla Vodka
cream & cinnamon sugar