Chef’s Features

Lunch Specials

Chicken Tomato Salad

Chef’s homemade chicken salad served on top of a fresh sliced tomato8.95

Pear-Berry Salad

Fresh spring greens with diced grilled boneless chicken, fresh strawberries, sliced pears, and

candied walnuts tossed with our raspberry vinaigrette, and garnished with feta cheese 8.95

 Spicy Buttermilk Chicken

Fried buttermilk breaded chicken breast, served on ciabatta roll with fresh mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, bacon, and our homemade ranch dressing with your choice of potato 8.95

 Southwest Chicken Sandwich

Marinated grilled chicken breast, server on a ciabatta roll with our black forest ham, bacon, cheddar and pepper jack cheeses with our fresh made chipotle sauce, crispy onion, and cheddar poppers and your choice of potato 8.95

Pizza of the Month

Chicken Enchilada Pizza

A double thick crust, our homemade green chili sauce, grilled chicken in an adobo marinate, roasted poblano peppers, chihuahua and cheddar cheese, and garnished with fresh cilantro, and green onions, served with a side of sour cream

10” $16.95 • 12” $20.45 • 14” $23.95 • 16” $26.95