Fund Raising

An Exciting New Idea for Your Next
Fund-raising Campaign.

Having been involved as parents in many fundraisers, we could not help but notice the difficulty many families face, trying to sell 48 or more chocolate bars, trying to sell the same thing. Moreover, the return on candy bars is often only about 8 to10%.

Our idea is a simple one, involving the sale of gift certificates to our restaurant. Unlike coupon/discount books, our plan would require that each child only sell two – $20 gift certificates, your return being $8.00 per child…a 20% return!

As an example, if you had 500 children selling 2 certificates you would raise $4000 and we do all the work, the set up and the documentation.

The consumer buying the certificate receives full value for helping out your organization.

Mom and Dad will love this plan, as there are only 2 to sell.

This plan is a WIN – WIN for everyone involved!

If this is of interest to you, please contact us at


Let us show you how easy and rewarding a fundraiser can be.

Michael & Ellen Clark