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Pizza Cutters/Prep Cooks

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Please Read and Follow the Directions:

Thank you for your interest in working with us. We think you will find our approach to hospitality to be different from that of other operators in the market and we think this is the secret of our success.We are not just another food service company, and we are not looking for just another job applicant. We value experience, but we are more interested in what you can learn than in what you know and people skills are essential.

Please print out our application and be sure to fill it out completely, if a question does not apply to you, mark it “NA” so we know you didn’t avoid the answer. On the last page of the application, we give you the opportunity to make a personal “sales pitch.” We suggest you give it some thought and present a case for yourself. After all, if you don’t believe in you, why should we?

When you have completed the application, call Ellen at 708-532-3051 to set up an appointment for you to submit your application. Be aware that what you do and how you do it are being evaluated throughout the selection process, so dress the part, be on time and show us your best.

Thank you again for your interest and your time. We wish you all the best luck in the future, whatever direction your career may take you.

With best regards,

Michael & Ellen Clark

Employment Application.pdf